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  • Terrific Tieflings

    Tieflings now get abilities that actually echo the abilities of their lineage. They are also as menacing as everybody implies wih prof in intimidation and access to thaumaturgy. I loosely categorized the 3 lineages based on eaches abilities: Asmodeus is absolute lord of hell, master of hellfire, able to manipulate your mind with a glance and… Click to go to page.

  • Heroic Humans

    Heroic Humans

    Finally feel the Heroism of Humans, with some thematic buffs. This mod will make the Human much more powerful, in line with my other race mods. Humans are versatile, able to use any simple weapon when the need arises and support their allies. Level 1 – Unchanged Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 May need… Click to go to page.

  • Discerning Drow

    Discerning Drow

    Level 1 All normal drow bonuses. Instead of Dancing lights Cantrip, you can now choose a cantrip fom among: Dancing Lights, Light, Minor Illusion. Each subrace can choose an additional Cantrip from the following: Selradine : Lolth Sworn: Level 2 Pick one ritual from the following: Level 3 Gain the Fairie Fire spell and Demonsight… Click to go to page.