Heroic Humans

Finally feel the Heroism of Humans, with some thematic buffs. This mod will make the Human much more powerful, in line with my other race mods. Humans are versatile, able to use any simple weapon when the need arises and support their allies.

Level 1 – Unchanged

Level 3

  • simple weapons proficency
  • 1 Superiority dice and the Rally Maneuver

Level 5

  • Medium armor proficency
  • 1 bardic inspiration dice dice and the bardic inspiration skill

Level 7

  • +2 bardic dice – won’t display in level up screen. Vanilla game bug.
  • +2 supriority dice
  • +1 to all Ability Scores – Can exceed 20.

May need to long rest for the new dice to update. A vanilla game bug.

Bardic and super dice will stack normally with those from classes and the feat.


  1. Drag the .zip into wither of the Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager columns
  2. drag the mod from the right hand list to the left to activate it if it isn’t already
  3. Click the save icon to save your load order
  4. Click export to game button, to update the games mod files to match the mod managers.


  • Should be fully compatible with existing save games. Though you may need to respec.
  • Alters three Human entries in Progressions/Progressions.lsx Probably wont be compatible with anything else that does the same.
  • It does not alter the level 1 entry and is compatible with any other mod that does.


  • 0.1
    • Released