Modding augments in Dragons Dogma




You need to find the game_main\param\pl\other/PlAbilityParam.ablparam.xml with an extracted game_main.arc.

On pawns and saves, editing this file seems to be entirley compatible with online features and existing saves. No offline play or new games required. Hired pawns will simply inherit the effects of your modified augments while in your world and wont affect the owners game at all.

The XML Line section below corresponds to which line in the xml each augments code is written. Do not edit anything you don’t understand. The table is not complete, but all known xml data is.

XML LineNameOriginal ValueDefault EffectMod NotesVocationRankDP CostWiki Link
5Fitness0.5(x stam consumed when grappling objects and holding creatures)
1.0000000000 (?)
Halves the Stamina consumed when you lift objects or grapple-hold opponentsFighter2700
11Sinew20 (+ 20 carrweight)Increase the weight one can carry by 20.Fighter52800
17Egression0.5 (x time taken to escape grapples)Allows for easier escape from enemy grapple-holds and grab attacks (half the button presses).Fighter52800
23Prescience5 (5 extra perfect block frames)Makes performing twice easier, increasing the window of opportunity from 5 frames to 10 frames.Dark souls dodge is 11 framesFighter74500
29Exilheration1.35(1.35x str when on critical hp)1.35x strength when below 30% HPFighter74500
35Vehemence10+20% StrengthFighter86000
65Leg Strength11 lower encumberance tierMay have odd behavior at light or lower encumbrance.Strider97000
71Arm Strength5050% lower stam drain when climbing creatures. Encourages pawns to climb.Strider74500
77Grit5Recover from running out of stam in 3 seconds instead of 5Strider52200
83Damping0No short/longbow recoilChanging this would only increase recoil.Strider31300
89Dexterity2Only applies to lifting yourself up ledges. Does not affect climbing monsters. I still don’t see a use for this even at 5000x speed.00
95Eminence30%Does Not effect mAtk, masterful kill, sunflare. Does increase bow damage. Increases strength.Encourages striders to jump prior to splitter and warriors to jump light attack.00
101Endurance100+100 max staminaStrider2700
101Endurance100+100 stamStrider2700
125InflectionHalf damage taken when charging a spellTemerity but for magic vocations00
131Equanamity1.21.2x magick when below 30% HPMage2700
137Beatitude1.51.5x longer healing magic durationThis only applies to Halidom, anodyne and jewel of health. It has no effect on the lingering buff gained when leaving the spells effect.Mage41800
143Perpetuation3Increases the duration of
 by 30%.
Encourages pawns to use these abilities more often.Mage73500
149Intervention15Decreases build up rate of a bunch of debilitations. Similar to the way poison and bleed is coded in dark souls. Debilitations are not chance based.00
155Attunement1.1+10% magickMage97000
161Apotropaism100-30 damage taken from any magic attackNot 100% sure how the math works for this skillMage41800
191Periphery50Able to hold your block against 1.5x stronger attacks without getting staggered.Mystic Knight31800
197Sanctuary1.5+99.99% physical resistance when at deaths door (30%<health)the formula for calculating the resistance is not clear.Mystic Knight86500
203Restoration0.75When a pawn is rescued it regains 75% HP instead of 50%Mystic Knight87000
209Retribution1.21.2x pawn strength and magick for 1 minute after being revivedMystic Knight64000
215Reinforcement1.2Unclear. Probably 1.2x defenses for 1 min upon reviveThis may actually multiply the characters existing defenses, rather than adding a flat 20%. So a pawn with 1000 pDef, will gain 200 more. As shown
. The wiki states that the max pDef can be 96%. My theory is that this augment can push this past that to or near 100%. In short this is crap early game and completely OP late game.
Mystic Knight64000
221Fortitude100physical damage is reduced by 30This can make you take no damage at all from enemies like goblins and bandits.Mystic Knight11200
245Watchfulness0.5Bonus damage received when weapons are sheathed is reduced by 0.5xBy default you take an extra 20% damage when your weapons are sheathed. This just reduces that to 10%. Effectively a 10% damage reduction while sheathed.Assassin11200
This augment does absolutely nothing. You get bonus damage from sneak attacks without the perk and the perk appears to change nothing. Multiplied in hopes that if it does do something, it will be more noticeable00
(20% increased magic and phys def and attack)
263Blood Lust20 (20%)
21(start time)
4(end time)
This is another easy passive damage increase.00
269Entrancement100 (+100 stam)
21(start time)
4(end time)
275Sanguinity100 (+100 HP)
281Toxicity3x faster poison buildup on enemiesThis does significantly help with poisoning enemies. However poison does such low damage why even bother.00
305Resilience0.50.5x fall damage receivedA very situational rarely used augment. Has no effect on when a fall becomes deadly.See Grace for that.Magick Archer64000
311Resistance15 (%?)Reduces build up of most debilitations from creature attacks and pots.00
317Detection1.5x FoW range00
323Regeneration1(HP per tick)
Regen 1hp every 3 seconds or 0.333’ hp/secit would take 50 minutes to heal 1000hp. You could litterally just get to a tavern and rest faster.Magick Archer87000
329Allure2Appears to be bugged and do literally nothing.Magick Archer87000
335Potential100 (stam)
100 stam is basically nothing even very early on.00
341Magnitude1.5(x stronger debilitation spells)
be sure to check the wiki as to what spells actually count.00
365Temerity0.5(xDmg Taken)
only applies to physical charge skills.
Encourages pawns to these skills more.
371Audacity15(-15% knockdown received while charging attack.)
The game treats knockdown and stagger the same as any debilitation. Having an invisible build up bar similar to dark souls.
Only relevant for warrior and 
ranger using charged attacks. Encourages pawns to these skills more.
377Proficiency25(% less stamina skill cost)
25% is alot. Note this only applies to physical skills from mele weapons.00
383Proficiency1.1(10% stronger core skills)
389Impact1.2999999929.9% more knockdown caused by all skillsWarrior88000
395Bastion50incoming physical damage is reduced by 50a straight upgrade to bastionWarrior1900
401Clout20(1.2x strength )00
425Trajectory1.2999999523 (1.3x arrow distance)
This is a nearly useless augment. Enemies hit from this range are generally outside of the games active AI anyway, meaning they are functionally invulnerable.00
431Morbidity1.2999999523 (1.3x faster build up)Torpor,sleep,silence,tar and petrification from skills and arrows, not spells. Encourages paws to use specialty arrows and debilitating skills.00
437Precision0Doesn’t apply to magick bow. Encourages pawns not to use skills that prevent movement(some ranger skills) and use bow more often.00
449Efficacy1.2000000477 (x curative potency)More healing and stamn from any received regen.00
455Radiance2(+20% lantern radius)A utility augment that’s basically useless on pawns and easily outmatched with a late game item (though the item still stacks with this).00
461longevity100 (+100HP)00
485Gravitas15(15% knockdown received when intoning spells)Audacity but for the magic vocations. May encourage pawns to charge spells more and for longer.00
491Articulacy10(10% faster spell casting)00
497Conservation15(15% less stam consumed from archi/staff spells)Considering the narrow amount of spells it is compatible with, it needs a little buff.
Encourages more spell use on pawns.
503Emphasis1.2999999523 (30% more knockdown with spell)The impact augment does the same thing but affects physical attacks too. This also doesn’t affect stagger and some spells, arbitrarily.00
509Suasion1.1499999762 (15% better prices)This is a hard one to balance. You can easily just equip a party of pawns and yourself with this every time you want sell anything and then just switch back. So it basically doesn’t even take an augment slot in practice.As such i consider the above to be an exploit and the augment brokenly underdeveloped.00
515Acuity20(+20% magick)00
521Awareness50incoming magick damage is reduced by 50This is a flat damage reduction.Sorcerer11200
PredationIncludes minor creatures like deer, rats and spiders.00
Stability0(?)Works on explosive barrels and dragon wing buffets among others.00