Skyrim Scripting 1: Setting Up MCM for Creation kit Skyrim SE



  1. Grab the sdk from the github of skyui or grab the scripts from the mod and put the .psc files in “Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Source\Scripts” and the pex files in the normal “Data\Scripts”
  2. Launch CK and open your mod (you don’t need SkyUi as a master). For this tutorial select the skyrim esm and update esm. Make sure nothing is set to active.
  3. Once that finishes loading, save the mod and give it a name.
  4. Create a Quest, by navigating in the object window to character/Quest. Right click and select new
  5. Give the quest a unique id. I will be calling mine MCMQuest for this tutorial.
  6. Ensure that the quest “starts game enabled” and untick “run once”, then click ok and save the mod.
  7. open the quest again and add new script in the script tab. (name it something unique and memorable) then hit ok. Ill call mine MCMScript.
  8. open the script (right click, edit source).
  9. Change “extends quest” to “extends SKI_ConfigBase” (this allows the script to use functions and events from the SKI_Config master script that we just installed)
  10. Save the script. If it does not compile, the .psc scripts are probably in the wrong directory.
  11. Create a reference alias called playerAlias, with fill type of specific reference, any cell, ref player.
  12. Add a SKI_PlayerLoadGameAlias script to the alias, by right clicking in the script section.
  13. From their your ready to actually script the menu
  14. Close and save the script
  15. Edit the modname property to the name of your mod. this is what shows up in the mod menu list.