Terrific Tieflings



Tieflings now get abilities that actually echo the abilities of their lineage. They are also as menacing as everybody implies wih prof in intimidation and access to thaumaturgy.

I loosely categorized the 3 lineages based on eaches abilities:

Asmodeus is absolute lord of hell, master of hellfire, able to manipulate your mind with a glance and tear apart your psyche with a few words, but also a deity in his own right able to cast divine magic better than any cleric.

Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Shout_ProduceFlame;Target_SacredFlame;Target_ViciousMockery;Shout_WordOfRadiance;Target_ControlFlames;Target_CreateBonfire:Target_Burn:Shout_FistsOfFire

Mephi is a master of evocation, choosing to rain fire and ice on his enemies from behind the saftey of his goons
Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Projectile_FireBolt;Shout_ProduceFlame;Projectile_RayOfFrost;Target_Frostbite:Target_freeze

Zariel is the ultimate spell blade, a fallen angel with martial prowess rivaling any angel or demon.
Cantrips: Shout_Thaumaturgy;Shout_BladeWard;Target_TrueStrike;Target_BoomingBlade;Target_GreenFlameBlade;Shout_FistsOfFire

Level 1:

  • Fire resist
  • pick a cantrip. Cantrip lists are different for each sub race, with some overlap. Theres also additonal options with 5E spells or hombrew mod.

Level 2: May be invisble in level up screen. This is a visual bug and can be ignored.

  • Intimidation Proficency – Everyones always acting afraid of Teiflings, now they have the mechanical ability to match.
  • Demonsight

Level 3:

  • Asmodeus gets burning hands
  • Meph: gets hellish rebuke. 
  • Zariel: Guiding Bolt

Level 5:

  • Asmodeus: Crown of Madness
  • Meph: Scorching Ray
  • Zar: heat metal


  1. In the top bar of Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager, in the shortcuts section open the mods folder
  2. extract the .pak to that folder
  3. click refresh in the mod manager or restart the program
  4. drag the mod from th right hand list to the left
  5. If you want to ensure this mod overwrites any incompatible mods changes place it below the other mod. if your installing it to an existing save game thats already modded, i reccomend putting it high in the list.
  6. click the export to game button
  7. done

I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods.


  • Respecing will ussually fix any issues on existing saves.
  • Companions cannot choose theire level one cantrip and are stuck with the default, since respeccing does not allow changes to racial level one features. Complain to Larian.
  • When multiple mods effecting tieflings are loaded, the one loaded lowest/last in your load order will overite any incompatiblities from those above/before. But no significant issues should arise.
  • Mods that alter spells and passives in this mod should be 100% compatible.


  • 0.7
    • Zariel tieflings should now correctly get guiding bolt at level 3
  • 0.6
    • Asmodeus tieflings now get crown of madness at level 5
    • All leveled spells from these subraces can be cast for free once per long rest and can also be cast with spellslots of the apropriate level
  • 0.5.1
    • Leveled spells no longer require spellslots
    • Asmodeus tieflings get nothing at level 5. This is a bug, im working on it.
  • 0.5
    • Changed zariel tieflings default cantrip from green flame blade to thaumaturgy, removing an accidental 5e spells dependancy
  • 0.4
    • Removed errant drow entries
  • 0.3
    • Each subrace now has a default cantrip assigned.
    • Fixed origin and hirelings not getting their cantrip
    • Fixed cantrip blocking level ups when respecing
    • Added Compatiblity Framework requirement
  • 0.2
    • Fixed typos enabling some more cantrip options
  • 0.1
    • Released