Category: Baldurs Gate 3 Mods

  • Discerning Drow

    Discerning Drow

    Level 1 All normal drow bonuses. Instead of Dancing lights Cantrip, you can now choose a cantrip fom among: Dancing Lights, Light, Minor Illusion. Each subrace can choose an additional Cantrip from the following: Selradine : Lolth Sworn: Level 2 Pick one ritual from the following: Level 3 Gain the Fairie Fire spell and Demonsight… Click to go to page.

  • Wacky Wild Magic

    Wacky Wild Magic

    Alters Wild Magic chances with or without tides of chaos. various versions. Wild Magic is a woefully mundane DC 20(5%), with tides of magic DC 11(45%). A miserable washout, wanting for modification. We made wonderous modifications, with minute waffling: Installation I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods. Requirements None Compatibility… Click to go to page.