Author: digineaux

  • WazHack Unofficial Modding GUI

    The program will compile the input into a text file formatted for WazHacks class modding features. It will also create a mod folder and meta file. Get the mod here: Source files also available in the optional downloads!

  • Minecraft modded server in 30 easy steps

    1.16.4 forge Requirements: Setting up a vanilla forge server Congratulations you should have a working vanilla Minecraft server! Now onto the modding;

  • Choice Cacophony of Classes

    This is a collection of classes for WazHack, designed to begin as specialists in a certain playstyle. Though they can evolve into anything, due to the nature of the game. They can also work as roleplay prompts of course. Try Wazhack for free here: Downloads Features

  • Augmented Augment Augmentations

    Buffs the strength of a bunch of weak and broken augments. Please note some augments are bugged beyond my ability to fix and some are designed so poorly they may as well be bugged. I’ve noted this in the mod notes sections of the below table. Installation Compatibility This will not get your pawn banned […]

  • Stupid Invaders Crashing or freezing on button press or click FIX

    This fix was successfully applied to the retail disc version of the game, on a windows 10 machine, on the 10/05/2022. First try running it in compatiblity mode: The Stupid Invaders 2000/XP Patch Hopefully your game is now working fine. These are the steps i used to get it working for a client, but if […]

  • Measure Materials and Textures Unity Asset Pack

    LinkV A free pack of measured textures and materials for unity. They should work for any rectangular prism based shapes and combinations of rectangular prisms. They may even work alright for spheres and other odd shapes. The non transparent textures can easily be given colors by altering the albedo color in the materials window. If […]

  • Creating a UV Map for Dummies

    To apply textures or materials in most 3d engines a 3d model will need a UV map. If you cant add a texture or material to an imported 3d model, it is most likely missing a UV map. Most CAD softwares do not have these features, as they generally aren’t intended for use in games […]

  • AMP Installing to the wrong drive or directory fix

    AMP by Cube Coders is a fantastic game server management tool, automating and simplifying alot of otherwise headache inducing tasks related to managing such servers. However it does have some rough edges. In this case it will install files to the first empty drive it finds or otherwise seemingly a random drive, which is far […]

  • Cut an image into a shape with photoshop

    See the video tutorial here! AdFly