Published on YouTube: Prawn suit vs Shadow Leviathans with assistance from scanner room

Prawn suit vs Shadow Leviathans with assistance from scanner room I’m using a couple mods: Better Scanner room- Though you can do this by just building a scanner room at the entrance to crystal caves or even in the biome … via YouTube


Kodaxmaxs Kenshi Overhaul

lost the files to my original overhaul and kinda wanted to start from scratch anyway.This overhaul is focused on reducing downtime and time spent on tedious tasks, in favor of more chaotic, creative and difficult combat and survival scenarios. Features: Game Settings: Max simultaneous incoming attacks increased from 1 to 5.Blunt organ damage increased by…


Wazhack mod – Kodaxmaxs choice cacophony of classes

<figure></figure> Get the mod on Nexus: To install the Nexus version, simply extract the zip to “AppDataLocalLowWazWazHackmods” or Download from the Steam Workshop for automatic installation: Try WazHack for free here: This is a collection of classes, designed to begin as specialists in a certain playstyle. Though they can evolve into anything,…


Wizards Pocket Study – More Bug squashing

Get the updated mod here: Video tour coming soon! Checkout my other stuff here: Changes: Removed the duplicate mannequins from the forge. Replaced the crummy old dwarven slab, with a fancy double bed. The bed now also should count as being a safe owned bed. fixed the broken Aetherious storage in the forge…


Ordinators Vancian magic less crippling – Skyrim Mod

Checkout my other stuff here: What? By default Ordinators Vancian perk prevents casting by setting a Magicka drain at like 99999 per second or something. I significantly reduced it, so now you could chug a potion and quickly throw a spell or 2 before your mana drains away again. Get the mod here:…


Wizards Pocket Study – bug squashing

Checkout my other stuff here: Get it on the nexus here: This is just a minor update to the description, to clean-up the appearance and clarify the current features list, with some nice visual examples. <figure></figure> This is a fully featured player home for Skyrim SE (actually it probably works in oldrim to,…


Random Start – A Unique Beginning. Mod for Kenshi

See more details and mod links here: This mod adds 3 new starts to Kenshi. They will randomize most variables for the start of the game with different parameters depending on which you pick. <figure></figure> The first option is completely random stats, from -100 to 100, each individual stat can fall anywhere between those…